Commitment is required for most things worthwhile. Whether it’s becoming a member of a group, completing school, or maintaining relationships, a level of dedication is essential. I learned many lessons about commitment through the example of others.

During drum major tryouts at FAMU, I met someone who exemplifies being constantly committed. One morning after practice, a car stayed behind in the parking lot. Howard C. Smart rolled down the window and told me not to worry about walking to the dorm.

As I got in the car, I heard “Solid As a Rock” by reggae legend Sizzla Kalonji playing. We spoke about our Jamaican heritage, the area of Miami we were raised in, and the challenges of our new journey within the band. It didn’t take me long to realize this young man was not going to quit. The lyrics of the familiar song became more meaningful too.

As the years progressed, I only saw his commitment grow in other areas of life: family, music, professional career, community, academics and more. The development of this online platform is just one example.

Whatever our goals may be, whether it is to prevent hazing or to share our talents with others, lets stay committed.

Happy birthday HC.

Love and respect,

Devon Marrett

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