Fall 2019 – High School & College Students

As summer break comes to an end and we transition into the fall 2019 semester, I want to encourage all students to make the most of this exciting new year. Before the 2017 school year began, we spoke about maintaining a clear focus on our goals and long-term objectives (http://dmarrett.com/fall-2017-high-school-college-students/). Let’s keep that going and take it even further as we move forward.

What do you want to achieve this year? What are some ways that you can grow and gain new experiences? How can we learn more and continue to develop what we’re passionate about? These answers may require trying something new or stepping out of our comfort zones. It may require speaking with others and sharing ideas. Nonetheless, with persistence and consistency, success will be the outcome.

We all may have different ideas about what success looks like. However, once you have a clear vision of that for yourself, let’s remain constantly committed and see it through. Have a balanced, safe, and successful academic school year!

See you soon,

Devon Marrett

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